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I make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk. So when I heard they were taking on the soundtrack for the sequel to one of my favorite childhood movies I could not have been more stoked. The original Tron movie was ahead of its time, and had ideas that the technology of the early 80’s couldn’t quite realize. More than 25 years later, its sequel, Tron: Legacy, doesn’t have that problem – the new trailer is amazing, and inspired me to take a stab at how I would like the new soundtrack to sound.

  1. Body Double – Pilotpriest
  2. Black Tulip (Francis Blaid Mix) – Poppy Seeds
  3. Global Illumination (Martin Roth Remix) – Liquid Soul
  4. Surin – Quivver
  5. Reeperbahn – Pryda
  6. Radioman – Afrojack
  7. The Chizra – DJ Freeman
  8. Kaleidoscope – Paul Keeley
  9. Cowabunga (Tom Cloud\’s South Beach Remix) – DJ Observer and Daniel Heathclif
  10. A Thousand Nights – Gregor Tresher
  11. Jupiter Calling – Thomas Schwartz
  12. Ping Pong – Arnej
  13. Superstring (Marlo Remix) – DJ Substance
  14. Polish Pierogi (Juventa Mix) – Glensk
  15. Eleven-Thirty – Jay B
  16. Fahrenheit (Ilya Soloviev Remix) – Dan Stone
  17. The Journey (Darren Tate Remix) – Nitrous Oxide and Mysterious Motion

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