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Although quite under-represented in the American mainstream music scene, psy-trance party hotspots can be found all around the world, from Brazil and Australia to Belgium and Japan. Psy-trance is a big tent, covering lots of interesting sub-genres. In the next three mixes, Psioniq I-III, I’m going to give you a sampling of the best of dark, progressive, Goa, and Suomi (Finnish) styles. Welcome to the place where spirituality, technology, dreams, and science intersect — welcome to Psioniq!

  1. Colonist – Astralis
  2. Endless Possibilities (Motion Drive Remix) – Behind Blue Eyes and Krusseldorf
  3. KISS – Earsugar and DJ Pena
  4. Kevlar! – Carl Fath
  5. The Setup – Etic
  6. Test Drive – Easy Riders
  7. FCK Samba – Psysun
  8. Cabin Pressure – Neelix
  9. Leaving Eden (Tandem Remix) – Sunstryk
  10. Wonderland – Zyce and Nok
  11. Everything To Me – Sly One vs. Jurrane
  12. Eye of The World – Liftshift
  13. In Persuit – Ojos and Sextant
  14. Big Foot – Polaris
  15. Time To Rock – Solar System
  16. Current Feathers – Hemi-Sync
  17. Flip (Atomic Pulse Remix) – Fatali
  18. 91 – Protect vs. Xpiral
  19. Another Planet – Avalon vs. Tristan
  20. Shanghaied To Paradise (Predators Remix) – S.U.N. Project

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