Psioniq III

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Psioniq III

The final piece of a trilogy, Psioniq III launches right into the fray, with an excellent dark remix of Predator’s Psukoy, followed by Blade Runner references aplenty in Marjika. Are you feeling the brooding, dystopian mood yet? The pace picks up quite a bit at the middle, at 145 BMP with Snap It and Whipp It, levels off with sampled vocals typical of Goa-style trance in Meditaton and Multiverse, then settles back down with the lush, layered trance sound of Skyline. This was a fun one to mix!

  1.  Psukoy (Brainbots Remix) РPredators
  2. Marjarka – John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde
  3. Lost Gravity – Liquid Soul
  4. Solutions – Etic
  5. Ironman – Vacuum Stalkers
  6. Dust Rising – Sonic Species
  7. Snap It (Peacemaker Remix) – Polaris
  8. Whipp It – The First Stone
  9. Heading To The Future – Stereomatic
  10. Sunrise – Radioactive Project
  11. Meditation – Illumination
  12. Machine Terra – Sonic Species
  13. Multiverse – M-Theory
  14. Skyline – Liquid Soul
  15. Sidetracked – Freq
  16. Flatline – Nyquist

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