Psioniq II

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Psioniq II

Psioniq II, snuggled cozily between its two siblings, is quite content to offer more psy-trance goodness to your ears! The journey gets off to a gentle start (by psy-trance standards) with Sync’s Amount, then like a mag-lev train building speed, we quickly arrive at the mind-bending pitch-bends and portamentos of Depth Charge, then it’s on to the very appropriately named Goa by The First Stone, replete with layered arpeggio and hypnotic back-beats. All aboard as we speed into the pulsing heart of psy-trance!

  1.  Amount РSync
  2. Free Movement – Fabel
  3. Depth Charge – Behind Blue Eyes and Krusseldorf
  4. Mayan Toolkit – Grouch
  5. Strong Language – Etic
  6. Cosmic Area – Aladiah
  7. Be Free – Liquid Soul
  8. Short Life Again – Freq
  9. Change The Universe – Fatali
  10. The Art of Origin – Ital
  11. Nacimiento – Pragmatix
  12. Avalon – Protoculture
  13. Acid Rocker – Astrix
  14. Integridad (Pragmatix Mix) – Cosmos Vibrations
  15. Your Destination: Up – Cosmic Tone
  16. Goa – The First Stone
  17. Buckle Up – Visual Paradox vs. Perplex
  18. Distant Futures – Avalon

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