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It could not be Duncan, and yet it was.

There could only be one answer; this was a Tleilaxu ghola, a being reconstructed from the dead flesh of the original. That original had perished saving Paul. This could only be a product of the axolotl tanks.

…The Bene Tleilax held little attachment to phenomenal nature. Good and evil carried strange meanings in their philosophy. What might they have incorporated in [Duncan] Idaho’s flesh – out of design or whim?

– Frank Herbert : Dune

  1. Liquid Planet (Elfsong remix) – Echofusion
  2. La Noche Del Cometa – Simon and Shaker, The Sundayprayers
  3. Hosoi – Thrasher
  4. Reality Check – Inland Knights
  5. Quadbit (Blackfeel Wite remix) – J-Soul
  6. Crystal – Gafrey and Moore
  7. Emerald (Filterheadz remix) – Bedrock
  8. You\’re A Star (Ricky Ryan Dub edit) – D-Nox, Beckers
  9. Hulk (Rayzil Project Lamove remix) – DJ Wady, Patrick M.
  10. Hallowed (Simon and Shaker remix) – Outsiders
  11. I Want You (Mindskap and Cyberx remix) – Troy Hall
  12. Repercussions – Timmy and Tommy
  13. Sasha Watching The Stars – John 00 Fleming, DB
  14. Avalon – Enmass
  15. The Light (Zen Mechanics remix) – Ace Ventura vs. Lish
  16. Nervous Breakdown (Anton Chernikov remix) – John 00 Fleming
  17. Psychic Experience (Aerospace remix) – Liquid Ace
  18. The First Rebirth (John 00 Fleming remix – Jones and Stephenson\rMother – Fatali
  19. Movements 2 (Matteo Marini remix) – Pentatonic

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