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I LOVE science-fiction. As I was browsing through the portfolio of one my favorite cover artists, Stephan Martini, the image you see here on the cover of Discovery really grabbed my attention. Besides being really pretty, it got me thinking… how many times in this universe have two cultures collided or intersected? MANY, many times, I’m sure! As an audible for-instance, this mix blends tribal rhythms with some rather more high-tech tracks… long live synergy!

  1. The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix) – Funkagenda and Dave Seaman
  2. Cameroon (Cevin Fisher Mix) – Bebe Zahara Benet
  3. Let\’s All Chant (Manuel De La Mare and Marshall Remix) – Federico Scavo
  4. Swing 2 Harmony (Wolfstar\’s Monkz vs. Jose Zamora and Dousk Mashup) – Perasma, John Con, and Nikola Gala
  5. Arrival ft. Brute Force – Garreth Emery and Brute Force
  6. Droid (D.O.N.S. Remix) – Lissat and Voltaxx
  7. Stars – Garreth Emery ft. Jerome Isma
  8. Light of Day – Albin Meyers and John Dahlback
  9. Melatron (Mindwave Remix) – John 00 Fleming and DB
  10. Everything to Lose (Armin Van Buuren Remix) – Dido
  11. Jet Stream – Ben Nicky
  12. Aria Waves (Light Mix) – David Forbes
  13. Ionosphere (Original Mix) – Hiroyuki Oda
  14. Regulus – Accendo
  15. Voices – Adam Nickey
  16. Sedy (Costa Remix) – Sound Quelle
  17. Conscindo (Club Mix) – Mark Knight and Wolfgang Gartner
  18. QYOZA – Carlo Lio

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