Depth Charge

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Depth Charge

A sort of opposite to the sunny sounds of my last mix, Oasis, this mix delves into an entirely other set of soundscapes. Like the metaphorical sea of our souls, the ocean is at times sunny and bright, deeply dangerous, but always filled with life — and the tracks in this mix reflect that dynamism. Spanning the bubbling caress of Leaving The Island, the shimmering energy of Matt Zo’s The Fractal Universe, and the murky depths of State of The Art, the thread here is the energy and majesty of our oceanic worlds.

  1. ┬áLeaving The Island – Li:Polymer
  2. Autumn (Sandji\’s Indian Summer Tour Remix) – Quarrel
  3. Empyria (Shingo Nakamura Remix) – Elfsong and Aeron Aether
  4. Refrost – Cid, Inc.
  5. Enter The Cave (Cid, Inc Remix) – 9A
  6. Aruba Garden (Embiss Remix) – Leon Raes
  7. Technique – Filth and Splendour
  8. Yellow – Sergio Fernandez
  9. Vega – Alex Pich and Shinobi
  10. Higher (Jay Lumen Remix) – Audionova
  11. We\’re The Lucky Ones (NY Dub Mix) – Cevin Fisher
  12. State Of The Art – Cari Lekebusch
  13. Motion Pictures – Pablo Acenso
  14. Velvet Night – Lost Connection
  15. The Fractal Universe – Mat Zo
  16. Silver – Protoculture
  17. Daily Dragons – Flowjob

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