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This is the first music mix I have on file that’s of the quality I’d feel comfortable presenting to the public. Mixed with some fairly antiquated software, and inspired by the music I heard DJ Diddy and DJ Daz in California, Summer 2008, this is pretty much where I got my start. A ancey and kinda housey, and not a bad beginning if I do say so myself! Forgive the minor mixing imperfections, focus on the music, and have fun with it…

  1. Work (Riffs and Rays Disco Mix) – Masters At Work
  2. Get Up feat. Technotronic (Tribalectric Rap Mix) – Global DJs
  3. Rain Down Love – Freemasons feat. Siedah Garre
  4. Something About You (Adam K and Soha Remix) – Haritas feat Level 42
  5. Starchaser (Spirit Catcher Remix) – Kirk Degiogrio presents Esoterik
  6. Deeper Underground (Metro Mix) – Jamiroquai
  7. Night Fever (G-Pal\’s Maybe Not Remix) – Soda, Inc.
  8. He Is feat. Song Williamson (F and S Vox Mix) – Copyright
  9. A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Remix) – Switch
  10. Roller Coaster (The Whiteliner Remix) – Matt Devereaux and Michael Maze)
  11. Good Life (Stephen Seidita Remix) – Vinyl Life
  12. Necromancer (Probspot Vocal Mix) – Emjae
  13. Near The End (On The Beach) – Matt Zo
  14. The Reason (3AM Megawoof! Mix) – Diddy


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